Get Cleaning Contract with any Bank

Guaranteed Steps to Get Cleaning Contract with any Bank

The cleaning industry has a lot of opportunities. Therefore, if you run a cleaning service, you can work as a commercial cleaning service to your city’s organizations and offices, work as a construction cleaner residential cleaning, or as a cleaner for residential homes.

These three niches are great, but of the three, working as a commercial cleaning service is the most lucrative. That’s because most commercial organizations, such as banks, usually have a decent cleaning budget, which allows them to pay a decent rate to cleaners.

Therefore, as an owner of a cleaning service in a city like Miami, your aim should be to delve into commercial cleaning services Miami.

However, it’s not enough to delve into commercial cleaning services. You need to know your way around to make it in that niche. For example, you need to find out how to get cleaning contracts with banks because of the competition in getting lucrative contracts is high.

How to Get Cleaning Contracts with Banks

Cleaning Contracts with Banks

Here are some fantastic strategies that will help you get cleaning service contracts with any bank;

1. Do your Research

Make a list of all the banks in your locality. Start by writing down all the banks’ names. Then, strike out some bank names from the list of options until you’re left with the ones with which you’ll like to work.

The next step is to gather information about the cleaning service company that currently holds the contract for each of the banks you have on your list.

You need to know the company you’re up against so that you can construct and package a better offer for the bank, one that will beat the already existing contract offer. That’s why it’s essential to do your research, especially finding out the rate and service they currently provide.

2. Come up with a Better Offer

Your focus should be on things the current cleaning service company fails to offer when doing the research. Your findings will show you where you can come in and break the already existing contract. If you also made your service more affordable and attractive than the current company offers, it would help.

Some examples of the extra services you can offer to outsmart your competitors include; waste disposal services, window cleaning services, standby cleaners, seasonal floor stain removal, free waste bins, and complimentary cleaning products. Offer anything that will present your service better than that of your competitors.

3. Write a Business Proposal Letter

Address your letter to the bank’s property manager or anyone in charge of making contractors-related decisions in the bank. Also, ensure you write the proposal with your business letterhead and in a formal letter.

Introduce your business in the letter, telling them what you do, who you are, and your number of years in the industry. You should also tell them the fantastic offer you have for the bank and point out that your service is more affordable, even though you offer more value.

End the proposal by telling them you’ll love to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss a tailored proposal and unique ideas that you have in stock for them. Then send the letter and make sure you follow it up adequately.

4. Sell your Service in the Face-to-Face Interview

If any organization invites you to a face-to-face interview, it shows that they are interested in your service. Consider going to the interview with two or three of your employees dressed in a cleaning company uniform. Also, go with profile pictures showing the jobs you have done in the past or current one.

Ensure you communicate all the cleaning service features and tailor them to the bank’s benefit – emphasis on how it will help the bank improve their business. For example, don’t just tell them about your company having insurance. Let them know the insurance covers any damage your crew may cause. Consider going with your brand’s souvenir and gifts if you can afford it.

5. Work with your Employees

Banks and some other organizations have the legal right to conduct background checks on contractors. Therefore, your employees have to be aware of your quest to sign a working contract with the bank. You may lose out of the deal if the bank finds out that any of your employees have a previous criminal record to their name.

Each of your employees also has to consent to this check, which may include digging into their private lives. If any of your employees declines, you may need to hire additional staff to fill up the gap and ensure you have enough hands to effectively and efficiently carry out the job when you eventually get the contract.

Final Words

Negotiating commercial cleaning service with banks is usually challenging and time-consuming. That’s because banks are generally selective about the organization they work with due to security concerns. But the contracts are often lucrative. Therefore, you need to be smart and strategic with it as discussed above.

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