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Let’s study financials to achieve financial freedom

We know that a lot of people balked at the idea of having to deal with finance in the business due to its intricacies and complexities. However, it is also important to note that finance is a vital cog in running a business, it just can’t function without it.

That’s why we here at Centralbank Lanka, make it a duty to help spread the language of finance to people in the hopes that it will open their eyes to the wonderful world of finance.

Mind you, it is not that difficult to learn. Just try.

Our Team

Wolfgang Kohl

Wolfgang is a professor of business and finance in one of Europe's prestigious universities.

Sophie Allan

Sophie had served in the finance departments for two Fortune 500 companies in Europe.

Oskar Østergaard

Oskar has been teaching accounting and business subjects before embarking on an successful entrepreneurial journey.

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